Facts About The HCG Hormone

Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a popular supplement that is used to lose weight. In actuality HCG is a hormone that is produced by pregnancy women during pregnancy. This hormone is believed to trigger the body to burn fat to prevent pregnant women from gaining too much weight, even when taking in large numbers of calories. It is believed to have the same effect on non-pregnancy people, which is why is it used as a diet supplement.


HCG was first recognized for its weight loss benefits by A.T.W. Simeon. Simeon performed several lab tests and found that people who were dieting and given HCG, they were much more likely to stick to their diets than those who were not given the hormone. He further learned that the people given the hormone were able to burn fat but maintain lean muscle.


HCG like many supplements has many risks associated with its use. Although the hormone is often marketed as a weight loss supplement, that is not what it was designed for. Because the supplement is a hormone, it can have drastic effects on the body, even causing a chemical imbalance.  HCG is commonly injected into the body with needles. This creates a high risk of infection.


Although studies have shown that HCG itself cannot lead to weight-loss, it can

be used with a proper diet and exercise plan to accelerate fat loss. Results may vary by person.

Where to Buy it

HCG can be purchased from many online pharmacies. The drug is notavailable without a prescription and most doctors will not prescribe it for weight loss. If you want to purchase HCG or obtain a prescription, look for a weight loss clinic or doctor that recommends the hormone for weight loss and make and ask for a prescription.

Mediral HCG And Weight Loss

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG, is a hormone usually found in pregnant women. It is also injected in infertile women to help increase their chances of becoming pregnant. But HCG is also known  for something completely unrelated to infertility and pregnancy. HCG can be used as a supplement to facilitate weight loss.

Some people that suffer from obesity sometimes cannot even support their own weight, anymore, making exercise very difficult, if not impossible. Due to all sorts of biochemical imbalance that obese people suffer from, regular diets oftentimes do not suffice in helping them lose weight. Overweight people should have a variety of options available to them in helping them lose weight. mediral hcg diet gives obese people the chance to achieve normal weight. HCG is a natural hormone produced in the human body and could be effective.

HCG is usually administered intravenously. However, mediral hcg has drops available to patients who are taking HCG diet. This method is more preferred for obvious reasons since HCG injections can be very uncomfortable. HCG is usually taken for 3 to 6 weeks, along with very low calorie diet not exceeding 500 calories. Sticking to a 500 calorie diet is however very difficult to accomplish. mediral hcg is only one of the options available to obese patients, but hcg is also not for everyone. HCG is considered safe for use in pregnancy and infertility, but its use as a part of a weight-loss regimen is still considered dangerous and is not recommended by the FDA.

For Obese patients, it is a good idea to consider all the options first before deciding on what to do. There is still nothing better than trying to beat obesity through more natural means such as exercise and proper diet. It is only when these regular methods fail that a patient should consider other options.

Facts About HCG Drops Diet

While many people consider the HCG drops diet as the magic formula for weight loss, there is a lot of controversy centered on the product. This product is unlike the weight loss pills that many people take, a hormone originally produced by pregnant women, it can either be taken orally or through injection and works in suppressing hunger while allowing the metabolism of the body to burn down accumulated fats. It is understandable that the weight loss is not determined by the product but the diet with which it combines to work in the body. With the suppression of food cravings, people on the HCG drops diet can live with as little as 500 calories of food per day.

Dr. David Katz who blogs for Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, claims that the HCG drops is a “Dumbo-feather” that makes users think they can fly. If this product is effective, it is only in that it helps users lose their desire for food allowing the body to rapidly consume the accumulated fats. The question of side effects is what anyone should think about. Although this product does not present any direct danger to the body, it is worth noting that it cannot produce lasting weight loss results since it would be really hard for anyone to keep the body under starvation for a long period of time.

Some health experts claim that the HCG injections are not better than the salt-water placebo injections and that they produce the same weight loss results. Although you can lose weight rapidly with HCG drops diet, it is important to consider its negative effects on the overall health. Side effects might not be directly related to the product but the body can suffer a lot as it tries to adjust to the abrupt changes provoked by the product. Using an alternative weight loss plan involving physical exercises and healthy diet can bring about lasting and healthy results.

Dr Simeons HCG Diet Explained

Dr Simeons HCG Diet Explained

HCG or Human chorionic Gonadotropin was originally only considered a

pregnancy hormone.  It’s produced by cells from the placenta and its presence in the urine in excess of 25mlU/ml is used to determine pregnancy in a pregnancy test.  Decades have passed since HCG was first used to help obese patients shed pounds of fat.   Dr. A.T.W. Simeons used it to test weight loss in obese patients in Italy, when the results for the group were deemed successful; a miraculous weight loss treatment was revealed.

My HCG has evolved from injections to drops simply because the injections are moderately painful and the drops can be administered without any pain at all.  The other thing that’s appreciated about my HCG is that instead of being limited to 500 calories a day, you can eat up to 1200 calories a day and still get great results.  The weight loss is not as extreme as with the 500 calorie program, but if you would rather eat more and feel more satisfied while losing weight a little slower, it’s the better choice.

Increasing the caloric intake from 500 to 1200 definitely slows down the weight loss, but it also protects against any problems with the starvation effect.  Many have feared that after they end the diet they would regain all the weight lost.  However, HCG protects against that by making the body consume needed calories by burning fat stores in your own body.  The concept is that your hypothalamus resets to you new weight and you maintain the new weight indefinitely.

You’ll forever crave foods that are good for the maintenance of your new body like the HCG approved foods.  They are enjoyable, choked full of nutrients and low in calories, so you feel like you’re eating a normal well rounded diet.  There’s breads, Melba toast and breadsticks, several fruits, all of which most people eat regularly, strawberries, grapefruit, apples and oranges.  The vegetable selection is also good, but what are most impressive are the protein choices.  They range from lean steaks to shrimp and veal.  Eating on this diet plan is very fulfilling and tasty.

By taking your drops daily, it will lead to steady consistent weight loss.  It’s not recommended that you take HCG too long, but if you have nearly 100 pounds or more to lose, you’ll need to give your body a break and restart the program periodically until you lose all the excess weight.  It’s simpler and more nourishing than most diet plans, so using HCG can end successfully with you finally achieving that slender body you have always sought.